Thursday, July 12, 2012

Google Nexus 7 Manual

Are you owner of Google Nexus 7 tablet? don't forget to read the Google Nexus 7 Manual because many important instructions that can be a guide for you when operating the tablet is properly and safely. The Google Nexus 7 manual or guide ebook comes in PDF format with file size of 10.1 MB, 90 pages (english languge). The subject of this manual is devided into 11 sections. For example in the first chapter at Google Nexus 7 manual you can learn tablet basics operating instructions like turn on tablet, charge the battery, use google play, and Jelly Bean tips. All the information you can read on page 1-4.
Google Nexus 7 Manual Cover
Google Nexus 7 Manual Cover
Then, in the second chapter provide information about home screen overview, fac lock, Swipe up for Google Now, etc. Further about Use Google Play widgets and settings, tutorial shop on Google play, how to access teh content, manage downloads, use apps, use Gmail, Change sound settings and wallpaper. Read about Google now on page 36, Google now cards on page 29, search tips and trick on page 36, use voice actions on page 37, search settings, privacy and acconts on page 41-42.

In the five chapter you can get information about optimize battery life tips, optimize data usage and memory. Other important information about Use the keyboard, Connect to Wi-Fi networks, VPN settings, Control airplane mode & other network settings, Connect to Bluetooth devices, Connect to a Windows and Macintosh computer via USB, backup data, reset, factory data reset, Set screen lock, Set up tablet and Accessibility settings.

Table of content for the Google Nexus 7 Manual:
1. Get started
2. Play & explore
3. Make yourself at home
4. Make Search personal
5. Tune performance
6. Enter & edit text
7. Connect to networks
8. Connect to devices
9. Manage accounts
10. Secure your tablet
11. Accessibility

Download Google Nexus 7 Manual
You can download the Google Nexus 7 Manual in PDF format, click here.